PanEurAsia Solidarity Fund Concordia I Invites (2009)

The Russian geographical situation historically formed has obliged to bear the equal responsibility of Russian gubernias in Asia and Europe for state solidarity.
As the great power Russia has always essentially formed the development of Asia and Europe. Coming from this logic Russia has been established the obvious leader of the PanEurAsia movement.

I believe that with strengthening the European Union participation of the West-European people greater participation is waited in the PanEurAsian movement is waited for, i.e. to add value to the existing experience.

The PanEurAsia Solidarity Fund Concordia I invites to express your opinion for creating joint action-plan for peaceful cooperation on the basis of solidarity.


Founding member of PanEurAsia Solidarity Fund Concordia I
Marika Katarina Arendia Elita von Wolsky