About us

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Vision. Vision of Institutio Arendia Ltd. is to become a well-known training, project management and consulting firm in the Baltic region whose services are provided in Estonia and abroad.

Mission statement. Mission of Institutio Arendia Ltd. is to present lecturers, consultants, experts and projectmanagers work in the firm with contemporary technology, train professionals and offer high quality services in the European market, which satisfy also the fastidious clients.

The training takes place accoding to the trainig permission of the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research

No 6459HTM education license;
Established 13.12.2011.yr. Ministerial Decree No. 957;
Valid until 30 November 2016.yr.

Institutio Arendia deals constantly with product development. The needes licences are formulated to be competitive on the Estonian and foreign markets.

The quality of the produkt is quaranteed by the high professional skills of the advisors and sustainabilitly planned workingtime